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Ocular Arcade Flight Club

Free Recreational Drone Academy based in STEAM powered by Cloud Collective

The Flight Club is a recreational academy, designed to educate and inspire BIPOC youth and all youth alike.  Providing students an opportunity to learn about Drones (UAS), become TRUST Certified, and explore the world of visual art through film and flight.  Students get a crash course in flight safety and best practices for recreational flyers, a study guide to reference as needed, experience with an FPV Flight Simulator, and hands-on experience with safe practice flights.  In addition to our course materials, academy graduates receive starter drones to continue exploration and development.

Program Formats

Our program can be delivered in the following formats or tailored to fit your organizational needs.

[ After School ]

[ Summer Camp ]

[ Weekend Warrior ]

Age Groups: Middle School (10 -13) | High School (14 -18)

Program Offering: Participants have an opportunity to learn about Drones (UAS),

become TRUST Certified, and explore the world of visual art through film and flight.

Academy Graduates: Receive Starter Drones to continue exploration and development.


Program Location: Hosted by Programmatic Partner or Funding Organization.

(Actively working to secure our own dedicated facility for programming)​​

Standard Duration: 2-3 Hours Per Session for 4 Sessions

(Can be Tailored to fit your organizations schedule)

Flight Club Curriculum:

Our program is delivered over the course of 4 consecutive sessions, 1 day per week for 4 weeks.

Session 01:
+ Introduction to Drones
+ TRUST Study Guide

Session 02:
+ Motion in 3D
+ Drone Parts Anatomy
+ Flight Simulator

Session 03:
+ Flight Simulator
+ Practice Flight

+ Obstacle Course 

Session 04:
+ Obstacle Course
+ Drone Races
+ Graduation

Program Impact: Accessibility and Exposure to Art and Technology!

The inspiration for creating Ocular Arcade: Flight Club was as a means to Combat Gun Violence.  

An effective deterrent against gun violence can come in the form of intentional and impactful programming.  

Program Goal: Provide and maintain a Free STEAM based Program for BIPOC students and others in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.  By exposing youth to new experiences and networks through STEAM, we hope to inspire a brighter tomorrow!​

Partners and Sponsors

With the help of our sponsors, Ocular Arcade Flight Club provides BIPOC youth (and all youth alike) in the greater Pittsburgh area a fun, free, and engaging program.

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Flight Club Class Pictures

Flight Club Graduates

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