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3T Investments

Roof Inspection for 3T Investments

Problem: 3T Inspections was executing an inspection of the Bry-Maid Apartments in the East Hill area of Pittsburgh and needed to assess the status of the roof, including all piping, fixtures, furnaces, etc.

Solution: Cloud Collective assisted 3T Inspections by providing aerial photograph and video assets encompassing both roofs of the structure complete with close-up perspectives of all the piping, fixtures, and water build-up found on the roof. Final deliverables included a batch of high resolution photos and an immersive inspection video our client can reference when planning for eventual updates.

Result: 3T Inspections loved the final deliverables and was impressed with our ability to shoot and deliver this project in such a timely fashion (under 72 hours). 3T Inspections was able to conclude their inspection of the property and we look forward to assisting them on more jobs in the future.


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