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Black Love and Travel

Promotional Photoshoot for Black Love and Travel

Problem: Black Love & Travel is a travel agency specializing in all-inclusive travel experiences. After experiencing back-to-back years of record growth, they were ready to take their agency to the next level and needed new content to support upgrades across their website, social media pages, and promotional content.

Solution: Cloud Collective was embedded in 3 of BLT’s group getaway vacations where we captured the desired content against the beautiful backdrops of Cuba, Aruba, and Jamaica. Final deliverables consisted of 4K video assets and a portfolio of high-resolution photos recapping the highlights of each destination.

Result: BLT was blown away by the footage and final cuts we delivered. They have already begun implementing the new photograph assets in promotional materials such as their coveted travel guides, and they are implementing most of the new video assets into their new site build. Look for Cloud Collective to capture more footage abroad in future productions.


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