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Pittsburgh Stained Glass Studios

Window Inspection for Pittsburgh Stained Glass Studios

Problem: Pittsburgh Stained Glass Windows was tasked with inspecting the windows at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Pittsburgh’s Polish Hill neighborhood for an upcoming restoration. The Polish Cathedral features several Stained Glass Windows, including an upper dome with 8 Stained Glass Windows. The dome is nearly 100 feet high and traditionally requires days of lead time for scaffolding in order to safely access.

Solution: Cloud Collective was called in to deliver high quality photos and video of the dome windows to accompany the broader inspection, saving our client precious time and resources. Our deliverables consisted of high-resolution photos of each window plus an immersive inspection video featuring close-up perspectives of each window.

Result: Pittsburgh Stained Glass Windows were very happy with the final results and were especially pleased with the quick turnaround from shoot to asset delivery. A few days later, they informed us that our content identified major flaws that were potentially life threatening to the unsuspecting congregation below. To quote Pittsburgh Stained Glass Windows, our work “saved lives” and resulted in Pittsburgh Stained Glass Windows approaching us for two additional production opportunities.


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